a new checkbox, a new function – use the customer tab search result for reports

the new “use the customer selection from customer tab/view” checkbox that has been added to reports that have customer selection allows you to run reports using the current customer selection.

here is the process…
– visit the customer tab/view
– apply any filter(s), e.g.; by state, territory etc.
– go to the reports tab
– select a customer based reports, i.e.; reports that have a customer selection drop-down
– click to select the new “use the customer selection from customer tab/view” checkbox

the report will be generated using the customer selection from the customer tab/view

E-Blasts for Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Emails

A how-to for Personalized Bulk Email users who would like to…

– Deliver responsive (Mobile Friendly) emails
– Have more control over layout with the use of custom templates

The video is 6 min 45 secs long. It covers the [1] use of the template, [2] transfer of the content to SE’s Personalized Bulk Email and [3] the final touches and image upload.  It ends by showing the final e-blast on an iPhone’s mail and gmail apps.

shareSE (referral program)

How it Works

Invite your friends to join Showroom Exchange. Ask them to mention you/your company when signing-up.


  • Free Month for referring SR.
  • Discounted setup for the new SR.
  • A $100 GiftCard, of referring SR’s preference, Barney’s GiftCard, etc.

Commit to Under-Scheduling in 2016

2016 is right around the corner so I wanted to share some highlights from a recent article.

Small shifts in how you use your time can make a difference in your satisfaction with work-life.

Make it a rule to have at least 15 minutes between back-to-back meetings
those few minutes can help you feel good about what you accomplished and leave satisfied.

Block out a few hours of uninterrupted time each week
to move ahead on a priority project or to exercise.

Define success
make sure you know what you’re trying to accomplish.

Be honest about “must do” activities
don’t commit yourself to something that turns into a burden or obligation when it was self-generated.

Under-schedule your calendar
create open space in your calendar for a good work/life balance that will allow you to focus on a single task.

Decline activities and tasks that aren’t aligned
don’t keep accepting projects or tasks that you don’t have the time for, focus on what’s already on your calendar.

Savor the beauty of the everyday
simply put, work is not all that life has to offer.


Link to full article: