Return Authorizations

Return Authorizations are Credit Memos/CMs waiting to happen!

You can track them by entering a CM (or Negative Amt Invoice)
Leave the paid-date blank to indicate it is not finalized.
Enter the expected amount. You can always correct it once the finalized Commission report is submitted.

If the RA# (RMA#) will be referenced on the commission statement, you can use that # as the invoice # and update it with the correct invoice # once submitted to you.

Tagging the invoice record with an invoice numbering pattern, e.g.; RA500 will allow the RA to be quickly identified, e.g.; RA* – see search symbols for more…

If you prefer the smaller font…

consider using your web-browsers Zoom function to zoom-out.



Based on your Task, you can always create different column sets using CUSTOMIZE THIS VIEW and switch between them with SAVED SEARCHES

NOTE: if you do not see your web-browser listed, simply Google the name of your web-browser followed with “zoom out”, e.g.; “safari zoom out”

Copy (from Excel) & Paste (in SE)

your brand sends you a list of POs and you’d like to look them up in SE

this solution is not limited to the MfrPOs and can also be used with the following pages/columns:

Customer Tab
– customer
– customercode
Order Tab
– mfrpo
– customer
– customercode
Invoice Tab
– mfrpo
– customercode
– invnum

SE will automatically insert the vertical bars – more on search symbols
for mac/OS X, use CMD key instead of Ctrl

BULK Update Order Reps and Commissions

bulk update your Rep and Commission assignments for Orders.

once the bulk update is executed, it cannot be undone.

to authorize a member of your team to access the BULK update feature, please email with the subject line “Authorize {userId or team-member-name} for Order Reps and Commissions BULK Update”

the feature is accessed (from the order tab) as an icon next to the rep column that is filtered.

it functions in 2 modes:

“Override all rep/comm fields with the following selection”
this will update all orders in your current search criteria based on the assigned values and regardless of their existing values..

“Override the comm value for the Selected rep column”
this will ONLY update the comm value for all orders in your current search criteria based on the rep column selection.  e.g.; from the following below screenshot, if rep1 is selected, then 2% will be assigned to all comm1 field for the current filtered/displayed orders.

to finalize the bulk update, you must 1st click the “export current list” button, which will download a (pre-bulk-update) backup copy for future reference.  once the file has downloaded and you have reviewed it, click the Proceed button to process the bulk update.

a new checkbox, a new function – use the customer tab search result for reports

the new “use the customer selection from customer tab/view” checkbox that has been added to reports that have customer selection allows you to run reports using the current customer selection.

here is the process…
– visit the customer tab/view
– apply any filter(s), e.g.; by state, territory etc.
– go to the reports tab
– select a customer based reports, i.e.; reports that have a customer selection drop-down
– click to select the new “use the customer selection from customer tab/view” checkbox

the report will be generated using the customer selection from the customer tab/view