Order Cancellation / Revision

cancellations are inputted whenever the order amount drops.
the only instances when the ORIGINAL inputted order amount should be modified directly are… (1) data entry mistake (2) order amt increase

the following ~2 min video covers order cancellations…

Setting up JSC

step-up is similar for OS X and Windows


OS X: check System Preferences for the Java icon, if missing visit java.com and install the free app

Windows: check Control Panel for the Java icon, if missing visit java.com and install the free app

Start the Java App from OS X: System Preferences, Windows: Control Panel
see embedded SCREENSHOT below

(1) select the security tab
(2) edit the site list
(3) click Add and enter “https://www.showroomexchange.com”
(4) press OK
(5) press OK


Login to Showroom Exchange and Select the Order Tab
click the JSC link and on the pop-up, click the Launch button
click KEEP
Double click to Open the file (i.e.; Run the JSC App)
Login and Click New to enter your Order

You can also use JSC to input customers and invoices.
watch the 12 sec embedded VIDEO below



Return Authorizations

Return Authorizations are Credit Memos/CMs waiting to happen!

You can track them by entering a CM (or Negative Amt Invoice)
Leave the paid-date blank to indicate it is not finalized.
Enter the expected amount. You can always correct it once the finalized Commission report is submitted.

If the RA# (RMA#) will be referenced on the commission statement, you can use that # as the invoice # and update it with the correct invoice # once submitted to you.

Tagging the invoice record with an invoice numbering pattern, e.g.; RA500 will allow the RA to be quickly identified, e.g.; RA* – see search symbols for more…