Measure Brand Performance with Ship-Through Percentages

Once the order is booked, it’s up to your manufacturers(mfrs)/brands to credit-approve, produce and ship the goods on-time!

…So that you can receive your commission.

With the Annual Sales by Month report, you can view ship-through %s, i.e.; how completely your mfrs are shipping each month.

From the reports tab, select “Annual Sales by Month.” On the report criteria page, under “order status” select: “ship / active %”, or “ship / book %”. e.g.; $100 was booked, $90 active (due to a $10 order revision), $60 shipped, ship/booked %=60%, ship/active%=66.7%.

We find “ship / active %” to be more fair/realistic of what should actually be shipping.

If you select ship/booked% or ship/active%, you can check “show $” to see dollar values shipped along with the percentage.
Net shipping value, will take into account any negative invoice as well (e.g.; charge-backs, returned goods)

ship through percentage



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