3 Symbols for Unique Searching/Filtering

The Vertical Bar ‘|’

For the vertical bar, on your keyboard press SHIFT + Backslash (\ commonly above your enter key ). This allows you to search multiple attributes. e.g.; if you wish to search for customers in California and Oregon, in the state search field, type CA|OR Vertical Bar

The Asterisk ‘*’

For the asterisk, on your keyboard press SHIFT + 8. This allows you to conduct wild card searches. e.g.; you partially remember your customer’s name as “Dream” something. When you search for Dream* in your “cust” column search row, you will find all customers beginning with “Dream.” Asterisk

The Carrot ‘^’

The carrot symbol, on your keyboard press SHIFT + 6. This allows you to search minus a pre-specified criterion. e.g.; You wish to list all of your customers except those located in Los Angeles. In the city field, type ^Los Angeles, thus removing all “Los Angeles” customers. If you believe there are other variation of LA, you may also use a combined list: ^Los Angeles|^LA|^L.A. Carrot Symbol These special characters also function in other search fields. Some reports support the use of these search characters. You may use these search characters in combinations shown in the above example for Los Angeles.


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